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Attach:Child 'swallows' model.

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Intern Dev
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Attach:Child 'swallows' model.

Postby Der_Herm » 17.05.2012, 21:58

When I move an entity into the air towards an object with a fix position and attach it as child to this object (when MoveEntityTo=> "done" ) than the model of the entity just vanishes into thin air until it is detached. Is there a way to avoid this?

Or a similiar way to "glue" something to an object in the air until it is triggered otherwise?

Thanks for your help in advance!
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Just getting started
Just getting started
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Re: Attach:Child 'swallows' model.

Postby » 02.07.2012, 08:08

maybe get pos of your fixed entity, then as you move entity toward that posistion you can add an action impulse to the moving entity that will make it arrive slightly lower than your fixed entity?