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Flowgraph problem. not starting despite "start" node

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Just getting started
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Flowgraph problem. not starting despite "start" node

Postby kermit1515 » 16.06.2012, 22:29

Right i have this problem. I am very used to cryengine and I am on my way creating this game involving a "blink" system. Every 10 seconds the player has to blink. While blinking the AI will move dramatically before stopping. (this saves me doing animations as i cant animate ;)

But this FG along with many others work when i try them. but when i restart the editor and go back in. They wont work, unless i open them from the flowgraph menu! Here is a screenshot of one of the flowgraphs that does this... the blink one.


I see no reaosn why i shouldnt work. i am supposing its in the wrong file location or i am not calling for it to be activated or something.

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Re: Flowgraph problem. not starting despite "start" node

Postby Tracer » 17.06.2012, 02:04

First step of troubleshooting a flowgraph - bypass everything unnecessary. Hook up the ColorCorrection node directly to the output node and make sure it does what you want. It could be functioning, but not visibly.