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Missing mfc100.dll, How can i fix this?

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User avatar BionicDread
Just getting started
Just getting started
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Missing mfc100.dll, How can i fix this?

Postby BionicDread » 29.01.2013, 18:43

It keeps telling me that the mfc100.dll is missing and I redownloaded the whole thing 5 times and still got the same error. Then I had a friend send me the mfc.dll and it still dont work can anyone help me out here.
User avatar Lavizh
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News Posters
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Re: Missing mfc100.dll, How can i fix this?

Postby Lavizh » 29.01.2013, 18:49

It's not the FreeSDK, it's VC++ redists that needs updating. You don't have it up to date : viewtopic.php?f=326&t=79855

Use the search function the next time, this has been discussed before : viewtopic.php?p=1101275#p1101275


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