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3.4.0 Known Issues & Workarounds

If you have problems with the Sandbox editor or other provided tools, let us know here.


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3.4.0 Known Issues & Workarounds

Postby Cry-Adam » 13.04.2012, 23:30

3.4.0 (3696) Known Issues:

    DX11 is not working on some AMD (ATi) cards/drivers
  • Temporary workaround: Add r_GeomInstancing = 0 to your system.cfg.

    DX11 clients crash when joining a multiplayer game
  • Temporary workaround: Please use DX9 for now by adding r_driver = DX9 in your system.cfg
  • If a hotfix can be built we will distribute this before next release.

    SuperSampling in DX11 is causing picture in picture issue
  • Note that this doesn't effect the final image which outputs correctly!

    Some materials in the Material Editor show up completely black
  • Temporary workaround: Set opacity to ‘99’ to preview it.
  • Temporary workaround: Increase 'Glow' setting to preview it.

    64-bit Sandbox has some UI issues like white backgrounds and incorrect screen coverage
  • Temporary workaround: Disable Skins (View -> Skins)

    32-bit Sandbox (DX9) doesn't save screenshots with r_getscreenshot
  • Temporary workaround: Use 64-bit or DX11.

    Shooting some textures, the screen will fade to black
  • We are aware of this issue and are working to resolve it ASAP.

Required Packages:

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