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Artist Profile: Robert Maschke

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Artist Profile: Robert Maschke

Postby The Ebb » 31.07.2012, 04:46

Today we are turning the artist spotlight on some excellent work form the portfolio of artist Robert Maschke or as we know him airage. He is currently working on a Sci-Fi environment in CryENGINE 3 that was inspired by the popular Dead Space franchise. Have a look at some of the work he has done and visit his site to see some of the other beautiful Sci-Fi art Robert has done. Until next time...

~ Have fun making games


env_01_rmgameart.jpg env_02_rmgameart.jpg
env_03_rmgameart.jpg env_04_rmgameart.jpg

door_wires_rmgameart.jpg door_wip_rmgameart.jpg
wallpanel_01_rmgameart.jpg props_01_rmgameart.jpg


    Upcoming Art :
  • Ceiling
  • Stairs
  • Lamps
  • Decals
  • Various Props

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Re: Artist Profile: Robert Maschke

Postby Cry-Kane » 31.07.2012, 19:47

Seems a little too rounded in places, but I'm a fan of clean wires so I will let the artist off :D

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Re: Artist Profile: Robert Maschke

Postby mrjimmy » 04.08.2012, 13:21

Dude your work is really inspiring :o