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Alpine Asset Pack - Pine Pack Released

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Alpine Asset Pack - Pine Pack Released

Postby pythonselkan » 05.01.2012, 00:19

In today's news post, we will be featuring CryDev user: themodman101's Alpine Asset pack which includes a variety of vegetation for the CryENGINE 3 Editor; including trees, ground plants, grass and more.

Details, Screenshots and the Download link for the Pine Asset Pack can be found below.


screen1.jpg screen2.jpg screen3.jpg screen4.jpg screen5.jpg screen6.jpg

themodman101 explains that the release of the Alpine Asset Pack will be divided into 3 parts:

Vegetation Pack
1 Spruce type: 4 Variants
1 Pine Type: 3 variants
3 Ground plants: 11 variants (Mushrooms, smallplants, ferns)
1 Grass type: 3 variants

Rock Pack
Granite rocks: 10 variants
Shale type rocks: 3 Variants
Overhangs and cliff rocks: 3 Variants
Dirt and root types: 2 Variants
Small Pebbles to large stones: 3 variants

Alpine area human props Pack
Barb Wire Fences: 4 variants
Wooden Fences: 4 Variants
Platforms and small buildings: 4 variants
Sawmill Area Assets: Many Log piles of varying quality and type. 2 Variants

Terrain Textures
Pine Needles

CryDev user: themodman101 states that the textures for the Pines featured in the pack range from 1024x1024 to 2048x2048 resolutions.

screen9.jpg screen10.jpg screen11.jpg screen12.jpg screen13.jpg

Download Pine Asset Pack Now! (15.69mb)

themodman101 states that once the packs are released, you can check here regularly as updates are planned to be released.

screen7.jpg screen8.jpg


That's all for today's post, check out the forum thread for more details and be sure to download the asset pack, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Re: Alpine Asset Pack - Pine Pack Released

Postby SinisterRainbow » 22.01.2012, 00:06

These are quite nice - can you include the original files? The collision geometry is quite expensive (all small branches are being checked) and there are no $lods. I plan on using these and need to tweak em', I'll re-up the modified versions to the community. Thanks.
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Just getting started
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Re: Alpine Asset Pack - Pine Pack Released

Postby NoobSean » 07.01.2013, 09:03

Look Awesome Dude!
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Re: Alpine Asset Pack - Pine Pack Released

Postby Lavizh » 07.01.2013, 12:26

Are you unable to detect the thread date? you just extreme necro'd it. Use his forum thread : viewtopic.php?f=310&t=76283
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