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Games Forum Rules

Use this section to show off your stand-alone CE3 games


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Games Forum Rules

Postby Shinanigans » 24.06.2012, 16:50

Hey everyone!

If you're developing a stand-alone project with the CryENGINE 3 Free SDK, we'd love to see your work showcased here! Before you post though, please ensure you read and understand the following...

Game vs Mod Project

To avoid any confusion; if you're creating a mod with the Crysis 2 Mod SDK package, please post it in the Mods forum. This Games forum is for stand-alone projects developed with the CryENGINE 3 Free SDK. The Levels, Assets and Misc forums are used for both the Mod SDK and the Free SDK.

Game vs Level Project

If your project only contains sample assets from the SDK with no custom game content, please place your thread in the Levels forum. Please note that this rule will be enforced at moderator discretion as the line between "Game" and "Level" can sometimes be a little blurry. If you feel your thread has been moved inappropriately, please PM myself or Kane, as linked below.

Prerequisite For New Threads

In order to avoid this forum becoming an 'ideas' forum instead of an actual Showcase Gallery for your projects, we're implementing a new rule regarding thread creation in the Games forum. In order to successfully meet this requirement, your thread needs to contain more than a story. This can be in the form of screenshots of progress or concept art.

We don't want to make this too strict so we're not going to put a dozen different rules on what is required but we feel as though concept art or progress screenshots are a good step in the right direction towards a noise-free Games forum. The decision to remove an ineligible thread will be at moderators discretion and if you feel this is has been made incorrectly, please send a PM to myself or Cry-Kane for clarification.

Thank you for your help & participation with making awesome! :)