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Hide HUD <= Works Perfect!

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User avatar CryAmarildo
Just getting started
Just getting started
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Hide HUD <= Works Perfect!

Postby CryAmarildo » 09.09.2011, 13:21

Hi all. This is my first post here so i hope i am in the right direction.

Lately i have being messing around with "System.cfg" file to add and/or remove different tweaks.
In a moment i had an ide and typed "HUD_Hide=1" then i play the game.

Everything was gone, like the Radio Transmission "Ex. Gould talking", Ammo/Energy/ bar, Tactical Mode had no visuals (haha now you can take some 3D zoomed screenshots), Buttons that you can interact an object, Crossfire was not there even if you have enable it on main meny... etc....

So i hope you guys like it. It makes the game looks perfectly for benchmarks, screenshots or even a personal gameplay (like me :D )

See ya guys around...
User avatar The_can
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Junior Dev
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Re: Hide HUD <= Works Perfect!

Postby The_can » 09.09.2011, 13:43

I've known this since the release though :P

You can also type it in console