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Flowgraph Pro's/Level Designers, gauging interest

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Just getting started
Just getting started
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Flowgraph Pro's/Level Designers, gauging interest

Postby Stallownage » 24.04.2012, 20:27

Hey fellas,

I will soon be starting my third year studying Games Art, and will be doing an extended project. I'm considering taking on a very ambitious and unique project to produce a short gameplay segment of a beach landing in the Pacific theatre of WW2. The aim is to produce a short gameplay segment of only five to ten minutes in length, but of a very high standard. The aim is to make it feel, for that short time, as close to a movie experience as we can get it. Our inspirations are the scenes from The Pacific, Saving Private Ryan etc. Bear with me now, because I know you're probably already thinking "god another one of these threads." I know I would be.

I am putting together a team to try and pull this off. We will have an Art team, an animation team and a design team. The art team will be headed by myself along with around four to five other individuals I have chosen personally from my course as people I know are talented and get the job done. The animation team is also drawn from my course, both of whom are talented (one of them is currently interning at Framestore, one of the biggest VFX houses in Europe.) We also have access to some professional motion capture at a leading UK mocap studio.

Here is my environment art portfolio so you can see the the visual standards the art team would be hitting:

What I am looking to gauge, is would anybody here who is experienced and talented in the level design aspects (especially flowgraphing as we will likely need some complex set ups), be interested in being a part of this project? If nobody would be interested, I almost certainly would not go ahead as there's too much at stake, what with it being a final year degree project for most of us.

Obviously in working with game art students, almost everything you work with will be custom made for the purposes of this project. As we will all be third year students looking to enter the industry (I myself am interning at The Creative Assembly this summer) you can be sure that you would be working with a dedicated and capable group. It might be an excellent opportunity to showcase level design abilities if you were so inclined.

Anyway, I'm just doing some early scouting around to see if there is anybody out there who might be interested in something like this? This isn't a case of "sign up now", it's just to see if you theoretically would want to be a part of it, were it begun. If there's any interest, I can begin to think more seriously about pre-production and the practicalities of making this happen. I have registered interest in every other department, so this is the last hurdle really.

Apologies for the wall of text, and if anyone has any questions, feel free to ask away.