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Problem - AI navigation

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Problem - AI navigation

Postby reecyknnds » 24.04.2012, 01:32

Hey Guys.

Firstly, a quick thank you to the Forum and the community, you have always helped me in the past, so I trust you will again. Thanks!

My problem.

I have set up a simple AI navigation for a AI Grunt to travel along. I have placed 4 tag points in my scene and have connected them using AIGoToSpeedStance and EntityPos nodes. (please see my diagram attached)

The AI travels along 3 of the tag points, but then before going to the last point, does turns 90 degrees and walks straight.

Note: On my diagram you cannot see the last point, it is left of the gate.

Note: I should also mention, the AI enters the trigger area with an AiCheckIn node which plays an animation to open the gate

- I have tried regenerating the path, revalidating the path and clearing the path.
- It used to work perfectly (so i saved the working version), then it broke. So i reloaded the working version and that had broke too!

- If i place the tag points very close to each other it WORKS!

Any thoughts or suggestions would be brilliant. Thanks alot!

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