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Some questions about Cryengine.

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User avatar Supernovae
Just getting started
Just getting started
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Some questions about Cryengine.

Postby Supernovae » 25.05.2012, 00:39


I would like to know what programming languages i would need to learn to use cryengine? I'm new to game development, but i know some c++.

I just bought a c++ book to refresh my memory of the language, but i would like to know is there any other books i should get? So will i do fine with c++, or do i need to learn something else too?

Also, one more question. In my game i need the ability to edit terrain ingame, so that player can dig a small hole in the ground, would this be possible with cryengine or possible to program?

Thank you.
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Junior Dev
Junior Dev
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Re: Some questions about Cryengine.

Postby luke78 » 25.05.2012, 01:49

Contact Richmar as he knows a lot about C++. You can also learn Lua.

And yes. You can dig small hole in the ground. You can lower down the terrain and make model using procedural destruction. Again Richmar.

What we would do with out him. :)
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Regular Dev
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Re: Some questions about Cryengine.

Postby VokusX » 25.05.2012, 02:04

luke78 wrote:What we would do with out him. :)

Learn the engine ourselves. (JK)
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Re: Some questions about Cryengine.

Postby Squiggers » 25.05.2012, 21:44

C++, Lua, and XML code are used in CryENGINE3 already.

C# is being worked on by Ink Studios, and is a lot more suitable than Lua. Its still being worked on, but the performance increase with it being used speaks for itself. :))
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