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Graphical Artifacts


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Re: Graphical Artifacts

Postby game_master_jodan » 02.05.2015, 23:27

abundantcores wrote:This is what its doing, it looks its flicking between night and day time, sometimes i'm able to hold the dark frame which is why i was able to take these screen shots.

A strange one.


Have you tryed disabling the particles, I had this flickering problem when particles were spawned.
User avatar Fabriciuz
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Junior Dev
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Re: Graphical Artifacts

Postby Fabriciuz » 03.05.2015, 12:24

I have this really weird bug with texture tiling. Everything was fine, but when i re-exported my texture, i get these weird lines on the tiles, see attached pics.

Editor 2015-05-03 12-16-58-434.jpg
Here's the weird lines

Editor 2015-05-03 12-17-51-795.jpg
They dissapear when very close apparently

bandicam 2015-05-03 12-18-55-284.jpg
Here i tried turning off "IsTileU" and "IsTileV", then it works but i get a more yellowish color for some reason (same color as those lines)
User avatar unknownzero3
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Just getting started
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Re: Graphical Artifacts

Postby unknownzero3 » 04.05.2015, 18:41

Apoligies Alex, I had the old version (3.6.17) installed on my workstation, disregard my bug report on shadows looks like everything was fixed when you guys fixed the shadowgen clipvolumes and the weird frustrums.

Also I solved my other shadow issues. Seems a lot of us were compensating for broken shadows, and everyone's going to have to tweak their settings again.

I simply set my r_shadowgendepthclip to 0 and set everything else back to normal (scene specific) or defaults which fixed almost everything that clipped shadows pre-emptively.

Do not do this on Tiled Forward Shading

I do still see a small issue on small objects with long shadow casts, the only way I was able to extend shadows beyond these planes was amping up gsm ranges or making sure the object had a larger than normal bounding box.

Also water shader seems a bit broken this past patch, ticking waterflow maps causes this error.

[Error] F:\steam\steamapps\common\CRYENGINE\Watervolume@WaterCausticPS(4)(X1)(72,102): error X3000: syntax error: unexpected token ')'
[Warning] Couldn't compile HW shader 'Watervolume@WaterCausticPS(4)(X1)'

r_WaterCausticsDeferred to 1 stops the errors.
This did work in the 3.6.17

Also seeing some weird issues with fog shadowing in water volumes. Seems to be related to the old frustrum issue and clipping.

Last edited by unknownzero3 on 21.05.2015, 18:33, edited 1 time in total.
User avatar KPy3O
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Just getting started
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Re: Graphical Artifacts

Postby KPy3O » 19.05.2015, 02:06

abundantcores wrote:This is what its doing, it looks its flicking between night and day time, sometimes i'm able to hold the dark frame which is why i was able to take these screen shots.

Try to enter in the console r_DeferredShadingTiled 1
User avatar abundantcores
Intern Dev
Intern Dev
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Re: Graphical Artifacts

Postby abundantcores » 20.05.2015, 05:15

Cry-Adam wrote:I think default is 256, not 2000.

@abundant, how many shadow casting lights on screen? You should receive a warning if there's too many.

I think this was the problem

I did have about 200 lights on the map, i reduced it significantly and its no longer doing that going dark thing.
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