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Struggling with TOD's

Particle Effects Setup and Customization. Material Editor and Shader Properties.


User avatar Grim Tuesday
Just getting started
Just getting started
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Struggling with TOD's

Postby Grim Tuesday » 17.06.2012, 04:46

So I haven't had a chance to play with CE3 in a long time (school etc...) but I have come back and now whenever I create a level, the lighting looks like utter ****. I believe this to be an effect of the new "filmic tonemapper" or whatever. Even at night, the entire level is totally washed out with white.

I tried turning off the filmic tonemapper, but it looks even worse. Can anyone give me some guidance so I can make something that doesn't look terrible, maybe closer to the old stuff? Specifically, I'm having trouble turning off the visible moon while using a skybox texture (rain). Thanks in advance!
User avatar chicken
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Re: Struggling with TOD's

Postby chicken » 17.06.2012, 05:18

default TOD has to much HDR

HDR dynamic power factor = 0.8 ...looks better :)
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User avatar AsianNoodles
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Junior Dev
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Re: Struggling with TOD's

Postby AsianNoodles » 18.06.2012, 12:19

I normally reset the TOD, and just take my time with it, it takes while of messing around to get a good TOD.

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