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Scaleform tut. UsmPlayer doesnt work.

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User avatar princeteam
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Just getting started
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Scaleform tut. UsmPlayer doesnt work.

Postby princeteam » 04.03.2012, 20:15

Hello :)

In this tut( I made like this and i selected Logo_CryENGINE3.usm and i entered proximity trigger but video not play and stays in black screen.Did i make mistake or video in wrong localation?
User avatar Lavizh
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Re: Scaleform tut. UsmPlayer doesnt work.

Postby Lavizh » 07.03.2012, 17:14

Scaleform Video doesn't exist with the FreeSDK and probably never will. It requires an extra codec and is extremely expensive. That's why the FreeSDK and even UDK doesn't have it.

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