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Happy Holidays from the Crymod Staff Team!

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User avatar Uber_Nobody
Regular Dev
Regular Dev
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Postby Uber_Nobody » 25.12.2009, 02:40

Merry Christmas!!!1!!one11one!!eleven11! :xmas: :xmas: :happy:

ROFLcopter at the poem :cheesy:

And now time to set a personal best for # of different smilies in one post!!

:D :rolleyes: :easter: ;( ?( :xmas: :meow: :love: :mad: :evil: :P X( 8o :whistle: :tongue: ;) :)) :] :unsure: :cheesy: :happy: :puppy: :p :baby: :) :( :O

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User avatar revange
Executive Producer
Executive Producer
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Postby revange » 25.12.2009, 03:18

happy Christmas everyone
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Postby dempere02 » 25.12.2009, 03:30

Awww Missing ur so shweet, gimmie sum shuga!!!

Merry Xmas everybody, and congratz to teh admin crew for being so awesome and stuff :P, I expect something even cooler (MERCHANDAISING) at new year.
User avatar metalspy
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Postby metalspy » 25.12.2009, 04:08

Hahaha awesome poem.

Merry Chrystmas Crymod! =D
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User avatar Weemanply109
Just getting started
Just getting started
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RE: Happy Holidays from the Crymod Staff Team!

Postby Weemanply109 » 25.12.2009, 04:19

Originally posted by Missing.String

I hope you enjoyed this slight adaptation of the traditional poem. Merry Christmas, Crymod. :)

- Crymod Staff Team

OMG lol, lots of people in the Steam forums have been doing this too but changing it to Tf2 stuff and l4d stuff :D

Merry Christmas To you all and to all a good night! :tongue:
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User avatar flyingfender
Junior Dev
Junior Dev
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Postby flyingfender » 25.12.2009, 04:20

Nice poem. :happy: Must have been hard to rhyme :P
I can dream
What my eyes will see
When I rush down
To see the tree

A motherboard,
I wonder what I'll do.
But most of all
Good ol' Crysis 2

At least I tried :tongue:
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User avatar joice
Junior Dev
Junior Dev
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Postby joice » 25.12.2009, 04:37

yes happy xmas all and a merry new year
User avatar Boombear
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Postby Boombear » 25.12.2009, 05:07

A very American Merry Christmas to you all, and I absolutely love the poem :love: :xmas:
User avatar Shinanigans
Has seen it all
Has seen it all
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Postby Shinanigans » 25.12.2009, 05:58

Originally posted by Radcliff
Merry Christmas Crymod, and happy holidays to you and the ones you love.

+1 :xmas:
User avatar doomlord52
Executive Producer
Executive Producer
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Postby doomlord52 » 25.12.2009, 08:25

Originally posted by ForoNero
Originally posted by WarStrider132
I want to know what love is...

and i want you to show me... :O

wait, what?
User avatar Haephestos
Staff Lead
Staff Lead
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Postby Haephestos » 25.12.2009, 08:42

Happy Xmas people! :xmas::xmas::xmas:
Love the poem Stringo! :P
User avatar ForoNero
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Postby ForoNero » 25.12.2009, 09:06

Originally posted by doomlord52
Originally posted by ForoNero
Originally posted by WarStrider132
I want to know what love is...

and i want you to show me... :O

wait, what? didnt get that? it's "i want to know what love is" by foreigner :cheesy:
User avatar jaLAlaBA
Senior Developer
Senior Developer
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Postby jaLAlaBA » 25.12.2009, 10:19

Happy Xmas to all :))
User avatar Vigilante
News Posters
News Posters
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Postby Vigilante » 25.12.2009, 10:20

Merry xmas :)
User avatar oldIchII3D
Intern Dev
Intern Dev
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Postby oldIchII3D » 25.12.2009, 12:25

Merry Christmas!

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