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Think Inside & Outside The Box

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Re: Think Inside & Outside The Box

Postby Haephestos » 06.09.2011, 03:54

awSHUM- wrote:Might sound a little stupid but:

Room made out of 6 solids with the maximum dimensions: 14m (length), 10m (width), 4m (height).

Do the solids that make the room/box count...? =.=

Those are the solids that make up the room (floor, ceiling, 4 walls). You can put whatever you want inside it, solids or otherwise.
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Intern Dev
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Re: Think Inside & Outside The Box

Postby awSHUM- » 06.09.2011, 07:35

Haha yeah. That WAS a rather stupid question... Thanks for clearing it up for me! Off I go!