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How to create IA and PS Multiplayer maps *update*

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How to create IA and PS Multiplayer maps *update*

Postby Cry-Alex » 19.11.2007, 20:00

Yesterday we already explained to you how to play any custom SP and/or MP map in Crysis. Today we would like to go a step further and provide you with an excellent tutorial that teaches you how to set up an InstantAction and/or PowerStruggle map.

The tutorial has been created by Sven "c4Te" Metzger and is available in thetutorials section already.

In addition it includes a description how to get your map listed ingame so you can launch a server with the map being added to your map pool.

Thanks to all the feedback c4Te has re-worked the tutorial and added some other useful topics. The updated tutorial can be found in the link further below!

Related links:
- How to create IA & PS Multiplayer maps

Thanks to Sven for this tutorial!
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Postby ThePunisher » 19.11.2007, 20:09

SWEET!!! Thanks for this! :D :D :D :D
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Postby NBtX » 19.11.2007, 20:17

NK/US Prefabs cannot be captured by a team. This objects belong to a special team and are normally used in the homebase of this team. Objects which normally belongs to a team are the barracks and the headquater. These are also needed for the

Seems to cut off there ;p
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Postby wolfi » 19.11.2007, 20:26

THANK YOU! I just finished the first beta version of my map and wasnt able to create an XML file for my level.
I will try this out asap :D
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Postby Sotoro » 19.11.2007, 20:28

You also need Spawn Points for the players. These can be found under Entity / Multiplayer. Spectator Points can be found in the same directory. You need them to define the spawnpoints for spectators. When players are connecting to a server they will always first spawn at this spectator point. If you have no spectator points the spectators will spawn at campos 0,0,0.

What are the settings for the spawn points? There is no information in the tutorial, but it's a really important point...
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Postby Clivey » 19.11.2007, 23:15

Nice C4te :)
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Postby VengenceBot » 20.11.2007, 03:17

yea it would help if someone could add how to make those DDS files..
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Postby Cry-c4Te » 20.11.2007, 11:41

Thanks. I am working on a new version of the tutorial were most things should be explained.
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Postby Luigi » 20.11.2007, 18:20

Sweet, looking forward to seeing some good PS maps.
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You are not authorised to read this forum.???

Postby icp-ORVAR-ice » 28.05.2012, 15:01

when i try to open the links it just says: "You are not authorised to read this forum." i really wont to make mp map so if someone can help me or tell me why I'm not authorised to read the forum that would be Awesome. thank you
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Re: How to create IA and PS Multiplayer maps *update*

Postby Lavizh » 28.05.2012, 16:20

You do know this thread is over 5 years old right? Amazing bump!
There might still be some old tuts here from the old days : wiki/index.php/Main_Page

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