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Crysis Mod SDK v1.0 Hits The World-Wide Community!

News regarding Crysis 1 projects


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Crysis Mod SDK v1.0 Hits The World-Wide Community!

Postby Cry-Alex » 22.02.2008, 19:00

Today the existing world-wide modding community of Crysis will receive a major boost as Crytek is happy to release the first version of the Mod Software Development Kit for the award-winning FPS.

Mod SDK - Description
With the tools and the assets provided now modders will be able to not only get their own creations exported into the Sandbox2 Editor but will also be able to create complete new levels and modifications with outstanding content.

This SDK is only the first version that has been released to the community in order to provide the necessary exporters, plug-ins, and also respective documentation.

Next to some basic sample assets that provide information on how to set things up correctly, this SDK also includes a few serious game assets. These are high poly objects that can be used as reference for own creations.

With patch 1.2 not being far away from being released, the SDK will get updated with the game source code. The update will then be available for download around the time the patch is released.

Mod SDK – Content
The list below represents everything modders will find from the 400MB sized package.

  • Resource Compiler (32 bit only)
  • CryExport plug-in for 3DS Max 8 (32 bit only), Max 9 and Max 2008 (32 and 64 bit)
  • Polybump plug-in for 3DS Max 8 (32 bit only), Max 9 and Max 2008 (32 and 64 bit)
  • Polybump application (32 and 64 bit)
  • CryTIFF plug-in for Adobe Photoshop (32 bit only)
  • FMOD Designer Tool (32 bit only)
  • Rigging, Artist, Animation Tools for 3DS Max
Example Mod:[list][*]SDK_Mod (inclusive “Nanosuit Playgroundâ€
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Postby realPhoeniX » 22.02.2008, 19:00

nice, nice, nice, thanks really much crytek we love you :-)
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Postby obiwahn » 22.02.2008, 19:01

Perfect! :D
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Postby Graph » 22.02.2008, 19:01


thx so much
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Postby ---___db___--- » 22.02.2008, 19:02

Party :easter:
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Postby ins » 22.02.2008, 19:03

Oh, that's quite a suprise :easter:
Looking forward to the 1.2 sdk :)
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User avatar StarForce
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Postby StarForce » 22.02.2008, 19:03

yeah :)
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Postby RB2610 » 22.02.2008, 19:04

WhooHoo!! Funkytime. :] :] :]

Does this mean Wiisis is out soon too?
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Yay, Crysis runs on High :D
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Postby [HP] » 22.02.2008, 19:04

Congratulations Crytek, you kept you'r word! :) We love you, eh eh.
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Postby spacehoshi » 22.02.2008, 19:05

gotcha ... big thx and greetz to the crew :)
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Postby wolfi » 22.02.2008, 19:06

I love you :D
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Postby Killuminati91 » 22.02.2008, 19:07

dunno how long ive waited for this day... thank youuuuu
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User avatar Karlov
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Just getting started
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Postby Karlov » 22.02.2008, 19:09

I almost started to cry, seriously. I thought that the delay was to continue for another week or more and then; BANG! Here is the SDK. This should be an official holiday at Crymod...
User avatar lifehole
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Senior Developer
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Postby lifehole » 22.02.2008, 19:09

We will all miss one of the greatest members of crymod, intrepidbiped.
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Postby Shinanigans » 22.02.2008, 19:10

Holy crap! This was unexpected! 8o

SWEET! :D Now i just gotta figure out wtf i can do with it! :D


Let's see some mods people!!!