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[Update] - Tar-21 Weapon

News regarding Crysis 1 projects


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[Update] - Tar-21 Weapon

Postby CoD511 » 14.11.2009, 04:00

First time weapons modeller and Crymod community member AngelorD, has recently updated us with his latest progress on his "TAR-21" weapon model. The weapon itself has a somewhat futuristic appearance and design, which is why it was chosen by the creator for Crysis. This update contains two renders of the weapon, one showing the overall progress on it so far, and the other a closeup of the grip area.

Weapon Renders
The first render shows the partially completed main body of the weapon. The creator plans to have replaceable barrels for the weapon, so both the short and long barrels will be available for use, and they will no doubt be essential in their respective suitable situations. More renders of the weapon are available in the forum thread, a link to which can be found in the Related Links section below.



And that brings yet another news update to an end. If you want to view more media of the weapon, ask the creator a question, or if you simply wish leave your comments/feedback on the work in progress weapon, then you can do so in the official forum thread, linked below.

Related Links:
- Forum Thread: [WIP] IWI TAR-21 Update 11.11.09

- Crymod Staff Team
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Postby Haephestos » 14.11.2009, 04:38

The barrel idea sounds very interesting! Will they be interchangeable via the attachment system, and will they have different properties?
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Postby Dxslayer » 14.11.2009, 04:51

I f***in love this rifle :love:
Keep up the f***in awesome work AngelorD :happy:
I'll get back to modding once Crysis 2 is out
'till then stay well my peeps

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Postby Nurrti » 14.11.2009, 15:28

Overall it looks really great and smooth. But the trigger looks quite odd and uncomfortable in my opion (thin and sharp... like a blade :P).
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Postby Black Rainbow » 14.11.2009, 21:38

Replaceable barrels? Would be nice to see those as an attachment.

Agreed about the trigger btw, that would cut your finger clean off.