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Project Nublar

News regarding Crysis 1 projects


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Project Nublar

Postby I-E-D » 27.01.2012, 16:05

Since the release of the CryEngine 3 Modding tools and FreeSDK, the CryEngine 2 modding scene has been relatively quiet. Today, we have Project Nublar by metteigel to show you. Whilst there's not much detail in the forum thread, be sure to check out the Facebook Page to learn a little bit more about the mod. In project Nublar, a team of scientists come back to the "Island of Horror" They visit Isla Nublar to research the Island, specifically the hungry AND dead population.

Below are a few images of Project Nublar, showing off the lush environment and deadly creates.

hintergrundbildderwinrbpe0.jpg 00011eop92.jpg asdadejrvi.jpg
00008kmo4a.jpg 00000zsrov.jpg

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- CryDev Staff Team
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Re: Project Nublar

Postby Cleric » 01.03.2012, 08:55

So it's like Crysis meets jurassic park?