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[Voodoo Extreme E3] - Vote for Crysis 2 in Reader's Choice A

News regarding Crytek


User avatar Justice
Executive Producer
Executive Producer
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Postby Justice » 10.06.2009, 19:01

Originally posted by Jimboob
Originally posted by Vanity Assassian
why would I vote for something that I haven't seen any footage of???



It's called faith ;)
User avatar Lavizh
News Posters
News Posters
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Postby Lavizh » 11.06.2009, 18:44

Yes, Crysis 2 is leading as of now. :)
Image  Image
User avatar panckakes
Junior Dev
Junior Dev
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Postby panckakes » 12.06.2009, 03:52

Originally posted by Lavizh
Yes, Crysis 2 is leading as of now. :)

still leading today :cheesy:
User avatar Weemanply109
Just getting started
Just getting started
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Postby Weemanply109 » 13.06.2009, 14:31

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User avatar Vert-X
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Postby Vert-X » 13.06.2009, 23:24

We are awesome!
And they used a lowres picture -.- :P

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