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Someone please help!

If you have problems with the Sandbox editor or other provided tools, let us know here.


User avatar meleks
Just getting started
Just getting started
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Someone please help!

Postby meleks » 01.07.2012, 16:19

I don't know anything about computers and all this stuff but I wanted to make a game or something like that. On the video it seems to be easy, so I downloaded cryengine. After unzip
I can't instal and burn the programe. Maybe my laptop is to week ( I've got ASUS K52F). If anyone know what is wrong please help! Thank's in advice :D
User avatar Cry-Adam
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Re: Someone please help!

Postby Cry-Adam » 01.07.2012, 18:42

Install and burn the program? Whaa?

Start here: ... ng+Sandbox :)

No dev/modding PM's please, use the forums! :)
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