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Multiplayer Graphics Config

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Multiplayer Graphics Config

Postby jameszhao00 » 28.02.2008, 08:00

Today we would like to introduce the Multiplayer Graphics Config - BETA made by our forum member Shinanigans. This config aims to provide the best experience, balancing visuals and performance, for Multiplayer games. The immediate surrounding is of utmost importance in MP games, and this config strives to give you the greatest graphical fidelity for objects up close while maintaining an acceptable performance by limiting the rendering of distant objects. This config, aimed at mainstream graphics card, is a compromise between medium and high settings.

Comparison Screenshots
Here are three screenshots showing the differences between the default settings and this custom config.

Default Medium:

Custom MP Config:

Default High:

[*]Download the autoexec.cfg file and place it into your main Crysis directory. For most people this will be: C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\Crytek\Crysis
[*]Open the autoexec.cfg file with Notepad and enter in your screen resolution and any other settings you feel you need to change. These settings are found in the second paragraph:
Code: Select all
con_restricted = 0
d3d9_TripleBuffering = 0
r_displayinfo = 1
r_width = 1440 <-Startup screen width. Edit!
r_height = 900 <- Startup screen height. Edit!
r_ShadersAsyncCompiling = 1

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-Crymod Staff Team
medium.jpg (435.04 KiB) Viewed 320 times
high.jpg (366.21 KiB) Viewed 320 times
custom.jpg (407.79 KiB) Viewed 320 times
medium_thumb.jpg (14.81 KiB) Viewed 320 times
high_thumb.jpg (13.33 KiB) Viewed 320 times
custom_thumb.jpg (12.76 KiB) Viewed 320 times
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RE: Multiplayer Graphics Config

Postby Ap0C » 28.02.2008, 08:16

Some of those tweaks don't even make a difference in mulitplayer because a good deal of graphics settings are forced to a specific setting when you go online.
User avatar Shinanigans
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Postby Shinanigans » 28.02.2008, 08:32

Whoa, front page news... embarassed much! :O

Thanks :))

Ap0C - Yeah, a few of them are locked via PB, but because i used a config builder (CryConf) and then used it as my template for editing, i didn't go through and individually check which ones are locked and which ones aren't. But i have deleted quite a few that i found were locked, just through playing with it online.

But oh well, gives a nice FPS boost and still kinda looks like High :)
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Postby Diko » 28.02.2008, 19:03

It depends a lot of the server also.