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[WIP] - Flyable Jumbo Jet

News regarding Crysis 1 projects


User avatar SamBusters
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Has seen it all
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[WIP] - Flyable Jumbo Jet

Postby SamBusters » 27.08.2008, 03:00

Welcome to the official Crymod introduction of a new vehicle asset into the community! Forum and staff member Havoksage has spent the past weeks utilising a premade jumbo jet mode for new purposes; as a pilotable vehicle inside of the Crysis engine.

Jet Screenshots
Shown below are a few screenshots that Havoksage has presented that show off the Jumbo Jet. He'd also like to give credit to Mark McGill who made the initial model for the jumbo jet which was found on Turbosquid.

Image Image Image

If you'd like to comment on the jet, or see more screenshots, then visit the forum thread that can be found in the related links below.

Related Links:
- Forum Thread: [WIP] Jumbo Jet
- Model: TurboSquid

- Crymod Staff Team
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Postby DrunkenMonkey_MS » 27.08.2008, 03:01

Awesome, flight simulator CE2 Edition :D
==greetings to all my fans :D==
User avatar Alexraptor
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Just getting started
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Postby Alexraptor » 27.08.2008, 03:10

Flight Simulator Crysis, "As real as it gets!" :D

If only microsoft would put the amount of detail into scenery as cryengine 2 has. Of course that would probally make newer flightsims even more unplayable than FSX is right now on anything less than uber hardware.
User avatar mystichobo
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Senior Developer
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Postby mystichobo » 27.08.2008, 03:36

hmm, is it coded as a vehicle?
Might be useable for a few ideas I have, if the community will be allowed to edit it
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Postby tobio19-Editor » 27.08.2008, 04:16

great work man, how does it control? like a VTOL? cos i hoep not lol :p
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RE: [WIP] - Flyable Jumbo Jet

Postby Black Rainbow » 27.08.2008, 08:50

Yeah, this is great :D
Makes me smile.
User avatar Tyrok
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Postby Tyrok » 27.08.2008, 11:00

Does it go well? I mean i like the setup but is it realistic as such a plane takes off/lands at about 200Kmp. Taking a speed of 300 or 400 Kmph would result in a large map (8000 meters long) that you need to make a turn ever minute if i'm correct.

To make it realistic one could consider to make the wings wider = more lift = lower flight speed. With 200Kmph you would have 2 and a half minutes to cross an entire 8000 meter map.

With a low speed of 200Kmph (55meter/sec) turning takes big radiuses in order not to stall the plane.
User avatar Roger3d
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Senior Developer
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Postby Roger3d » 27.08.2008, 12:16

for **** sake , as said in the original thred - its not a 747 boeing jumbo jet - its a french / european airbus industries a340 airbus

so its an airbus !

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User avatar Alzo
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Postby Alzo » 27.08.2008, 20:00

it has canards at it is airbus....btw i can wait for the flying it
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Postby stalecookie » 27.08.2008, 20:10

And we will now be landing on the Ling Shan Islands thank you for flying Nomad Airlines
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