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Happy Holidays from the Crymod Staff Team!

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User avatar D_wolf
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Postby D_wolf » 25.12.2009, 12:58

Merry xmas :D :xmas:
User avatar Sahdev_92
Junior Dev
Junior Dev
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Postby Sahdev_92 » 25.12.2009, 13:24

Happy Christmas to everybody! :)
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User avatar ghost_leader
Just getting started
Just getting started
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Postby ghost_leader » 25.12.2009, 17:12

Merry Christmas everyone! :xmas: :xmas: :tongue: :D
User avatar Lithen
Senior Developer
Senior Developer
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Postby Lithen » 25.12.2009, 21:46

Pretty awesome writing there :D

Merry Christmas
User avatar eFFe
Just getting started
Just getting started
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Postby eFFe » 25.12.2009, 23:37

Merry Christmas!
User avatar Ghibli
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Junior Dev
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Postby Ghibli » 26.12.2009, 03:07

Merry Christmas to all. :happy:
User avatar Taczbr
Just getting started
Just getting started
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Postby Taczbr » 26.12.2009, 03:23

Happy holidays everyone here. And my best wishes to everybody on Crytek, a nice 2010 and a killer game for us to delight (tip: it starts with C and ends with 2). ;D
User avatar nomad4ever
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Junior Dev
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Postby nomad4ever » 26.12.2009, 08:34


as if my little coment will make a diference:(
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I am nobody

User avatar ShowManDown
Regular Dev
Regular Dev
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Postby ShowManDown » 26.12.2009, 16:08

A bit late but merry christmas :xmas:
User avatar Codename22
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Postby Codename22 » 26.12.2009, 17:15

Merry Christmas! :D :xmas:
Or since it's so late: Merry Boxing day!
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User avatar Un_dead
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Postby Un_dead » 24.12.2010, 09:33

Sing to the tune of Winter Wonderland...

From the top of the hill, a one shot kill, walkin' in a sniper wonderland.

In the field you hear a baby crying (crying) as you stop to chamber another round.

Shoot him in the head, his brains go flying (flying), and you can watch him quiver on
the ground.

Later on by the fire. We will build a funeral pyre. From the top of the hill, a one shot
kill, walkin' in a sniper wonderland.

I'm gonna get banned....
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User avatar Shinanigans
Has seen it all
Has seen it all
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Postby Shinanigans » 24.12.2010, 13:18

Plox continue in this year's thread: Happy Xmas anyone? :)