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[Fan Art] - Crysis 2 3D Trailer Remake

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[Fan Art] - Crysis 2 3D Trailer Remake

Postby CoD511 » 18.07.2010, 15:00

Boredom, we all know what it is and how annoying it can potentially be at times. People fight against it in many ways, which includes modding Crysis for some. Community member Aegis, feeling bored, decided to spend his time upon a remake of the Crysis 2 3D trailer showcased at E3, inside of the original Crysis. Today we've got the fruits of his labour on this interesting fan-made project.

Trailer Remake
As you can notice, this remake bears obvious similarities to the official version whilst making it's own mark at the same time with several key differences; such a difference is very noticeable at the end of the remake as the aliens have been replaced by a well-known internet meme. The creator of the remake, Aegis, asks you to excuse some minor visual glitches present in the trailer. The trailer remake also acts as a trailer of sorts for an upcoming mod by Aegis, check out the thread for further info.


Be sure to let the creator know if you enjoyed his recreation of the 3D trailer, and make sure to leave any feedback you may have either here or in the forum thread linked below. If you have any suggestions as to what our next news article should contain, send a message off to our news lead, Liam.

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- Crymod Staff Team
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Postby ClanDominator » 18.07.2010, 15:12

Breadcat invades NYC! :D Awesome!
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Postby D_wolf » 18.07.2010, 15:17

Epic! Breadcats attack NYC!
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Postby noloser310 » 18.07.2010, 15:35

breadcat attack!!! epic XD
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RE: [Fan Art] - Crysis 2 3D Trailer Remake

Postby ATI » 18.07.2010, 15:48

but its not 3D...
User avatar chochunrh
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Just getting started
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Postby chochunrh » 18.07.2010, 16:03

Amazing Work!
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Postby Parsian » 18.07.2010, 16:17

LMAO the BREADCAT was so unexpected but that made my day
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Postby Fixers2010 » 18.07.2010, 17:05

Very good, must have taken a long time to trackview.
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Postby Lou3h » 18.07.2010, 17:25

Bit sketchy in areas, but that was pure 100% unfiltered epicness! :tongue:
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Postby Sahdev_92 » 18.07.2010, 18:25

The ending was great. I never expected that to come up. :D

Also, that was a great trailer, the animations are very well spot on, good work Aegis!
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User avatar Mr.Trouble
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Postby Mr.Trouble » 18.07.2010, 18:32

Hahahahhaa. Verrrrrrrry nice!
User avatar TerrorBlast
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Postby TerrorBlast » 18.07.2010, 18:34

Ahhhhh priceless :D
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Postby Urchin » 18.07.2010, 19:16

Minigun breadcat !!! OMFG
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Postby Litos456 » 18.07.2010, 20:14

Haha awesome job dude.
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Postby oldIchII3D » 18.07.2010, 20:51

Hahaha, I loved the end. Good job! Not sure if that was powdered toast man or some bizarre hello kitty, got to love it though :D