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An interview with Avni Yerli

News regarding Crytek


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An interview with Avni Yerli

Postby Liam » 16.03.2011, 18:00

Recently the website published an article with an interview from Avni Yerli discussing some future Crytek business strategies. Below you can find the article in a quote, the original post can be found here.

Co-founder Yerli ponders releasing engine for free; talks up mobile future
CryEngine 3 vendor Crytek is planning the release of an indie-friendly SDK, the firm has told Develop.

Crytek co-founder Anvi Yerli said his firm already “has a business model in mindâ€
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Postby D_wolf » 16.03.2011, 18:06

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Postby Cry-Kane » 16.03.2011, 18:11


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Postby TerrorBlast » 16.03.2011, 18:22

I really don't see the point why they wouldn't do this.

Go Crytek !
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Postby Lavizh » 16.03.2011, 18:41

Their CE3 Devkit needs to end up in the same pricing range as UDK if they are going to have any success
in crushing Epic's Unreal Engine 3. It's gonna be a tough battle but i think Crytek will win it unless they do
something stupid with the license.
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RE: Crytek to release UDK alternative

Postby Mr.Guybrush II » 16.03.2011, 18:45

[quote]“The barriers for entry will be very low, and perhaps [it will be distributed] for freeâ€
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Postby VinoBob » 16.03.2011, 20:02

From my point of view, the reputation of Crytek has fallen by one unit with Crysis 2. If this piece of news is true, than it will rise with two units.
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Postby Cleric » 16.03.2011, 20:53

Wow, if they really do release it for free, given my familiarity with CE2 already, I would totally put together a team and either make an Indie CE3 Stargate game, or remake FF7 in CE3 :)

This really makes me respect Crytek a lot more.
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RE: Crytek to release UDK alternative

Postby Naga » 16.03.2011, 21:17

[quote]Originally posted by Mr.Guybrush II
[quote]“The barriers for entry will be very low, and perhaps [it will be distributed] for freeâ€
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Postby McKool » 16.03.2011, 21:59

I've been chomping at the bit for this ever since UDK came out for free!!!
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Postby arieas » 16.03.2011, 23:10

If you just need to sign up, that'd be best. Provide a bit of info, so Crytek knows who's downloading.
Cant imagine anything else really working to great effect. :)

Looking forward to it :D
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Postby Duruk » 16.03.2011, 23:10

Good choice
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Postby Lex4art » 16.03.2011, 23:25

Whaiting summer! Hope at least SB3 will be with Crysis2 - to start game project before August.
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Postby modsuki » 16.03.2011, 23:45

We need sandbox3 for Crysiis2.
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Postby IntoTheFire » 17.03.2011, 00:23

Why do we have to pull news like this from other websites? :unsure: