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Finish a video lesson geometry export 3dsmax sanbox3

Terrain, Weather and Environment Setup, Lighting and Time of Day Setup, Object Placement, etc.


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Just getting started
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Finish a video lesson geometry export 3dsmax sanbox3

Postby Meletou » 30.07.2011, 10:53

I just made a video on how to set up photoshop, 3dsmax, and the creation of an initial geometry in 3dsmax and then export in Sanbox3.
This is part of a series of courses that I am on Sanbox3 waiting for the free version of the SDK as UDK.

The courses are in French.

I made the move during a series of video for Farcry, you can find on the site

the link to download the video of 25 minutes:

I am retired and an avid video game engine ...

I made a free application for iPhone 4 .... the name of the application is "LampeAttaque" on Itunes.

Meletou :easter: :cheesy:

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