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Tips,Tricks and How-To's

Any game design topics should be posted in this forum, including SP/MP design and other related queries.


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Tips,Tricks and How-To's

Postby Radiantor » 04.11.2007, 18:45


This post is to big, I've had to split it into the first two posts.

This is not a thread where you should post big tutorials, but all those small discoveries that aren't important enough for their own tutorial, or their own thread.

I hope you all contribute if you find out something new :)

Please do not post any comments/suggestions in this thread, only post tips/tricks.
Please add you comments/suggestions in this thread

I've made a complete restructure of this thread, I hope you like it...

I've also had an idea, and that is that in this thread, you can also post links to other threads (or even a single post in a thread) in the forum that could be of usefull for many people... As long as this thread isn't getting to messy I hope it will work...

Let me know what you all think of the restructuring and if you have any other ideas/suggestions in this thread

My original post, tips about object manipulation/selection hotkeys, and hold/fetch

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Senior Developer
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RE: Tips and Tricks

Postby Radiantor » 09.11.2007, 02:54

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RE: Tips and Tricks

Postby Radcliff » 10.11.2007, 00:56

Thread stickied. This will really help people out with object placement. It's a TOTAL nightmare without this.
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Postby Andy B » 10.11.2007, 01:00

Nice one for that mate, i'll post any i come across
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Senior Developer
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RE: Tips and Tricks

Postby Radiantor » 10.11.2007, 01:28

Update: Export / Import Terrain COLOR

Removed, see link in the first post...
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Executive Producer
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Postby Radcliff » 10.11.2007, 02:02

DEMs (or Digital Elevation Models) are topographic representations of a real-life geographical area. In game design, the most important thing to note is that they are NOT heightmaps in and of themselves. They must be converted as such. Here's how I do it.

1. Import the DEM into a program called Landserf. You can download it here. NOTE: DO NOT use Internet Explorer to download Landserf. I have no idea why, but by default, Internet Explorer converts .jar files to .zip archives, and renaming doesn't work, so this will pretty much destroy your installation file. There are other programs available that will convert DEMs, such as 3DEM, but I've never used them.

2. Export to a .RAW format.

3. Import the .RAW in Photoshop.

4. Convert to grayscale mode (Image/Mode/Grayscale.)

5. Convert to RGB Color. (Image/Mode/RGB Color)

6. Export as a 24-bit bitmap.

7. Import the bitmap into Sandbox.

The result won't be overly spectacular by itself, but it's a good starting point. There will be some jaggedness, but this can be corrected with a Modify/Smooth Slope in the terrain editor. Then, after some optimization with Sandbox's terrain modification tools, you will have a truly breathtaking terrain. It's not a good way to create islands, since most DEMs cover a wide area, but large landmasses will be no problem. :)
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Postby Kaelis » 10.11.2007, 02:59

On the topic of creating realistic terrains - heres a great deal of links covering terrain generation/creation software:

Hiding hud/interface/helpers/stats:

Since most people seem to have missed or forgotten this one: typing into console 'cl_hud=0' removes hud, 'cl_hud=1' brings it back. Shift+Space hides/shows helpers (all the colourful lines and icons shown by the editor by default). You can hide solids (the invisible walls for level boundaries that are displayed as red transparent boxes) by going into fourth tab in RollupBar (little screen icon on the toolbar on the right side of the screen) and checking 'Solids' in 'Hide by Category' group. To hide performance stats, go into Tools->User Commands->displayInfo. This way you can make clean screenshots without even going into game mode.

Objects following terrain surface:

If you want an object you selected to follow the terrain while moving it around, toggle the 'Follow Terrain' snap/constraint, but instead of clicking and dragging one of the axes/planes, click and drag the objects icon.

Alternatively, toggle 'Align Object To The Surface Normal' in the Object toolbar (5th button on 2nd top toolbar). Mind you that the object will rotate to match the terrain surface alignment.

You can modify how fast you mouse scroll zooms the view in Preferences->Movement. Useful for rapid zooming out/moving. You can also configure the multiplier for shift movement speed-up.

You can see and set all kinds of variables used by the editor by right clicking onto console edit box (the thing you type console commands into).
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Postby nova- » 10.11.2007, 08:29

> ai_IgnorePlayer 1
obviously, this will make the AI completely ignore you.

> all the console commands sorted in a text file, extract using 7zip
edit: see the crymod wiki instead

> If you want to scale something in the editor you should always try to scale all sides with the same value.

> If you cannot select an object, then try holding down the Spacebar. Small, easily selectable boxes will appear.

Numpad enter -- Tweak menu, use numpad to navigate, plus/minus keys to change values
, (comma) -- Pause physics
. (period) -- advance one step while physics are paused

> to get NPC/etc debug info: while in editor and in game switch to weapon #7 (press 7) (cmd=debug)
While it is on, left clicking while aiming at an AI will display even more info.
Aim away from the AI and left click to turn the display off.

> to change the game difficulty to hard in the editor
exec diff_hard
for more, see: Crytek\CrySPDemo\Game\Config


f12 =
C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\My Documents\my games\crysis_sp_demo\ScreenShots

you can also use this for making very large screenshots. this feature can be buggy (picture quality wise).
e_screenshot_quality 100 (100 is a bit better, but perhaps not always)
e_screenshot_width 1600
e_screenshot_height 1200
e_screenshot 1
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import/export terrain texture

Postby chaos[bv] » 10.11.2007, 13:14

As the section on top is still a bit confusing:

You can manipulate the terrain color in an external program. I used this to overlay a satelite image from google earth onto my terrain for reference.

Go to Terrain - Export/Import Texture Map

Select the portion of the terrain map (this is actually the far-away-lod-texture of the default texture layer) you wan't to replace by clicking the corresponding tile in the overview on the left. You can also select more than one tile by click-dragging over some of them.

Then click either import or export, the will both do an export when you use the dialog for the first time. If you had selected a file prior to this, you have to click export.
A image file of your terrain texture is created, according to the resolution(s) of the tile(s) you selected. Feel free to modify this image in an external tool or replace it completely with another image.

Then go back to the import/export dialog, again select the tiles you want to replace and, with the filename still displayed in the textbox, click import. The texture is replaced by the contents of the file, the view is updated when you close the dialog.

You can replace any tile(s) with the selected file, not only the one(s) you used to export. Just make sure to select those tile(s) that make up the exact same resolution as the image. You can even alter the resolution in your external tool and then import to another tile or more tiles, as long as resolutions match. You can do more than one modify-in-external-tool/import cycle without having to do the whole export thing first, as long as the filename stays the same.

The resolution of the tiles can by changed (one by one) with the 'change tile resolution' button at the bottom of the 'layer painter' rollout.
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Space Bar Shows All

Postby VoodooHunter » 10.11.2007, 21:07

In the editor pressing the space bar reveals everything on the map thats been placed instead of having to hover your mouse over each item.
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RE: Tips and Tricks [Latest Update] Align Selection

Postby Radiantor » 16.11.2007, 22:01


Align Selection:

From the manual
To use align selection , select an object, press the align selection button, then click the destination object. All transforms (position, rotation, scale) will be copied from destination object to your initial selected object.
Also accessed by: Modify -> Goto Selection Modify -Y Align/Snap -> Align to Object

This probably the tool that saves the most time of the all. It allows you to always have your objects aligned, no matter how you rotate them, they will always snap together!

Fast Rotate:

This is a huge timesaver! Bind a key (R) to Modify/Fast Rotate/ Rotate Z Axis.

Then use the Modify/Fast Rotate/Rotate Angle to set a snap angle. I choosed 22.5.

Now I can move around and rotate entites without switching gizmos. You now also have two diffrent angle snaps, one for the gizmo and one for the fast rotate.

Just try it and you will love it! If have you used Radiant, you this was something that you probably missed in Sandbox 2.

Editor Settings:

"Show screentips on Toolbars".
In the menu Tools / Customize Keyboard/ Options / Other you can enable "Show screentips on Toolbars". This will allow you to hover the mouse over an icon in the editor, and if there is a hotkey for it, the hotkey will be displayed aswell. This option was not enabled by default for me.

Editor Hotkeys:

Quick Snap: Ctrl+Shift+LMB

I've seen that alot of people have asked how to correctly place objects they'ev added to their level, and the answer they get is to use the follow /snap terrain option and then move the object around. There is another. better way and that is to select move and use ctrl + shift + left mouse button and then click anywhere (terrain or object) to snap the selected to where you click, instead of using the transform gizmo. This temporarly overrides the Axis locks. (This tip is in the manual, but maybe overlooked by it's readers?)


Select: 4


Select and Move: 1
Select and Rotate: 2
Select and Scale: 3

Axis lock:

X: Ctrl + 3
Y: Ctrl + 4
XY: Ctrl + 2
Follow Terrain: Ctrl + 1

Saving and Backup:

Hold and Fetch:

File / Hold = Ctrl + Alt + H
File / Fetch = Ctrl + Alt + F

These to commands will make (Hold) a backup of your level.cry in your Level folder, called Editorhold.cry. You can load this backup by using Fetch or File/Load . The editor will overwrite the Editorhold.cry everytime you select Hold, it will not save the level as a new file.
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Postby Tzeentch » 19.11.2007, 11:32

Interesting feature you may not be aware of, the color picker can select colors from any open window you have. You cannot actually see the picker, but it will still sample the color where the mouse pointer is placed. I've been using this to pick colors from reef photos.
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Postby Inous » 19.11.2007, 16:46

When exporting/Importing textures from a map Such as "Island" or any other Crytek map import/export only to the Surface Type Editor and not the base layers. If imported to base layers you will no longer be able to texture correctly.

For Example: you choose as your base layer texture and you have forest_ground_leaves_brown and then tried to texture you will get a random texture like fern leaves or a mountain texture. This is caused by importing the base layers from crytek maps.
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Finding Flowgraphs For...

Postby intrepidbiped » 26.11.2007, 01:05

If there is an event or enity you would like to investigate further by looking
at the flowgraph, but don't see "Open" in the flowgraph section for the entity
in question...

- Click on the entity (eg/ a trigger you want to know more about)

- In the "Flow Graph" section of the entity properties (Rollup Bar) click on "List"

This will show you the name of any associated Flow Graph for that entity.

Just click on the name of the FG and there you go ;)

(1st edit for spelling)

2nd Edit: Forgot to mention the really easy way... just right click on an entity
and if there are any FlowGraphs attached to it you will see in context menu.
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