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Safe to modify SInputEvent?

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User avatar kwaegel
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Intern Dev
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Safe to modify SInputEvent?

Postby kwaegel » 03.02.2012, 23:06

Is it safe to modify the SInputEvent and SInputSymbol structs in IInput.h? I was looking to modify them by adding Vec3 and Quat fields in addition to the standard value field. Would this dissrupt anything else in the input system?
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User avatar hendrik
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Re: Safe to modify SInputEvent?

Postby hendrik » 04.02.2012, 06:23

yes it probably would crash since you can't recompile the rest of the engine. Simple rule is don't change any I*.h file unless you know what you're doing (and there isn't really a reason to do so don't).

Best way to extend the Events is to wrap them again into a new input listener queue with your own structure again.
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Re: Safe to modify SInputEvent?

Postby da3dsoul » 04.02.2012, 09:06

Just something new and don't change or delete what's there. It'll be fine if there aren't any conflicts.