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Scaleform Question.

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User avatar Johnny Guitar
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Skilled Developer
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Scaleform Question.

Postby Johnny Guitar » 07.03.2012, 06:39

I have heard that we have to play a scaleform intro video, but we have no support for .usm making it impossible, does this mean that crytek is making fun of us?
User avatar Lavizh
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News Posters
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Re: Scaleform Question.

Postby Lavizh » 07.03.2012, 16:47

What on earth !?!

Why would you say such a thing !? Scaleform Video is extremely expensive. It's a 3rd party codec by Cri Middleware. It's based on a license. Even UDK doesn't have Scaleform Video. Have patience and wait for CryVideo instead (which will be free). It will solve your issues.
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