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why don't crytek allow full modding on crysis 2 & 3 ?

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User avatar RanCorX2
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Just getting started
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why don't crytek allow full modding on crysis 2 & 3 ?

Postby RanCorX2 » 03.06.2017, 08:48

isn't it time crytek released the files needed to do some modding on the maps for warhead, crysis 2 and crysis 3?

1. the games are now obsolete in regards to multiplayer so there's no reason to not release anything, who's gonna cheat online on dead games?
2. people know they can't use crysis assests in their own game creations
3. we should be able to mod all the maps SP & MP & DLC for personal use
4. encrypting all the files was just mean, all it did was add crysis to the long list of games contributing to the decline of modding
have crytek not heard of replay value????
5. not releasing a sandbox for crysis 3 and gimping modding for crysis 2/3 was a BIG mistake, no wonder sales were low

i'd like to be able to add ai to the mp maps of crysis 2 and 3 for some offline play, since these games had no lan or any sort of way to play the mp maps offline / locally other than typing the map names in the console but that's obvviously pointless as you can't do anything with them....

why not do the following;

1. release the .cry files for ALL the maps (dlc included) for Warhead, Crysis 2 and Crysis 3 + a sandbox for crysis 3
2. unlock the console commaneds for crysis 2 & 3 and decrypt the files via a patch for both games

basically patch up crysis 2 & 3 so they are fully moddable like crysis. hell you could re-release crysis 2 & 3 and sell a lot of copies if players knew they could more with the two games.
User avatar wootwooots
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Just getting started
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Re: why don't crytek allow full modding on crysis 2 & 3 ?

Postby wootwooots » 11.10.2017, 18:25

that would be indeed nice to have some "crysis modding edition" with crysis3 cryengine version and all asset or something