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Warhead maps

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User avatar xtremetiger
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Just getting started
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Warhead maps

Postby xtremetiger » 16.10.2014, 20:33

I have Crysis Warhead and Crysis Wars and I've been trying to see if i can mod the SP maps in Warhead. Cause what I'd like to do is make some of the SP maps all night time. :yuck:

I have the SDK but when I go to the Warhead Levels folder it doesn't show any of the maps.
Crytek/Crysis Warhead/ Game/ Levels
I see map folders with content in them but none of them are a .cry file ?(

Any help with this would be fantastic!!!
User avatar Tracer
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Re: Warhead maps

Postby Tracer » 18.10.2014, 20:54

The Warhead maps are encrypted and inaccessible due to piracy concerns. If they were available, a person could run them from the Crysis 1 installation, albeit with a lot of missing assets.


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User avatar Lavizh
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Re: Warhead maps

Postby Lavizh » 18.10.2014, 23:22

I see map folders with content in them but none of them are a .cry file

.CRY files aren't required by the Launcher to play the maps.
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User avatar RanCorX2
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Just getting started
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Re: Warhead maps

Postby RanCorX2 » 06.06.2017, 10:55

piracy is just a poor excuse these days, running the warhead maps on crysis 1, that makes no sense, surely if someone pirated warhead, they would play the maps on warhead.

it's time to release the cry files, so we can, you know, mod stuff, it's got nothing to do with piracy, it's just developers being mean. getting us to forget about a previous game just so we buy the next game with even less content and no modding.

pc gaming is great because of game modding, when developers cripple there games and then use the piracy excuse, it's just going to result in poor sales. hence crysis 2 & 3 console ports...

you guys thought you could make more money by going multiplatform but you lost your pc roots and went all cinematic with lame interactive gameplay.