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Editing Recovery Level Tanks - Need Help

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Just getting started
Just getting started
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Editing Recovery Level Tanks - Need Help

Postby Enki40 » 06.06.2016, 23:07

I have been at this for a while now, and nothing I do works. The game behavior refuses to change, no matter how many different things I try.

What I'm doing:
I have disabled vehicle explosions.
This means now they get damaged and disabled, but not destroyed.
If they tear your jeep up (or you do it yourself), you can jump into the turret and light everybody up!

The Problem:
Tank objectives are not completed. The damage goes up to 100%, but the objective doesn't complete.

What I've Tried:
I basically self taught myself the related functions of the level editor in a couple days.
1. I changed the flow charts so that killing the pilot would advance the objective and changed the tanks so pilots could take damage. - No change in game behavior.
2. After finding multiple goofy ways of configuring that one, I gave up and tried making a new type of tank for game objectives, a whole new vehicle entity that looks like a tank, but it explodes like the original when destroyed. But, I keep trying to change the tanks in the level and they won't change. I created two new tanks and set all the flow chart stuff to them: nothing. I tried just changing the entity type via importing and exporting xml flow chart data. Nothing. I played around in the vehicle editor, but can't find anything to change there. I keep testing it in the game, first from save game, and then restarting the level. This thing remains stubborn as an ox.

Any suggestions?