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DDS not being generated/can't be found by Material Editor

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Just getting started
Just getting started
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DDS not being generated/can't be found by Material Editor

Postby NaoFu » 21.06.2017, 14:22

I've made a scene in Maya, textured the objects in Substance Painter 2 and exported these as CryTIFs from Photoshop (with CryEngine open in the background).

My problem is that some objects have accepted the textures fine, and have generated DDS files. However, others are still TIF files and CryEngine isn't converting them to DDS for whatever reason. I've clicked 'generate output' whilst exporting as CryTIF and this /sometimes/ generates a DDS, but then I can't access it from the Material Editor for some reason.

All of my texture files are in the Textures folder in the gameSDK Assets.

Any help or suggestions would really be appreciated!