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Making new Custom characters.

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Just getting started
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Making new Custom characters.

Postby jeromeleegriffin » 01.02.2017, 15:33

I have been working with CryEngine 5 and having an extremely tough time finding any useful tuts on how to create a new character and get it into CryEngine without it being an almost impossible ordeal. One would think that with the new tech like Mixamo autorigger someone could implement this tech into CryEngine. I can make a cool character with Fuse and have Mixamo rig and animate it and it all looks awesome but getting that character into the game is about to drive me insane with all the outdated info out there. If you truly want to bring in more folks to start using CE5 then you can not expect us all to be some super genius at rigging and animating. I would even be willing and want to learn to rig and animate but without proper tuts I am shelving that idea until someone posts a good video using CE5 and newer 3dMax 2017. Right now however, I just simply want to get a simple new character into my game levels. I know the tech exists to make this simpler. I have been studying the FBX import thing also but haven't been able to get my characters in. I have seen where you can take a CryEngine character and place your character over the bones and such but all the tuts on that are dated as well. Any help on this would be so appreciated. Sorry for being such a noob, but I so want to use this engine. I am thinking of trying out Unreal but I have spent a long time and many sleepless nights learning the workflow here . Thanks so much
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Re: Making new Custom characters.

Postby birdeez » 02.02.2017, 00:00

Firstly the tutorial section is not for requesting tutorials.. ;)

The character and animation pipline is still a big problem in the CRYENGINE and it dosn't look like it's gonna change anytime soon. It's a real shame as this is one of the main areas that turns people away from CRYENGINE in favour of other game engines. The new rigs for Maya and 3ds max don't help either from the example assets as there bugged with errors and miss aligned bones, especially the 3dmax example.

It's still possible to get your characters in the engine using the older rig and can take advantage of the hundreds of animations still available in the gamesdk sample but will have to rig your character in the A pose rather than the T pose. It's possible to adjust a mixamo model to the old sdk skeleton, collapse it then re-rig to the old sdk rig..

The old tutorials still work with this method and the 3dmax exporter, one of them is by me. You can import a mixamo rig with character generated from fuse setting it as a custom skeleton but will have to add all your own animations and create all the blend shapes. Which ever way you go, it's not as simple as watching a tutorial and away you go as there's quite a lot to understand on the engine side of things. A tutorial series on characters and weapons simplifying and demistifying the whole process would be nice rather than collecting info from all over the place. I believe there are plans to improve the charater and animation systems especially since everything will be done through the fbx exporter at some point..

Good luck ;)
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Just getting started
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Re: Making new Custom characters.

Postby Justus189 » 02.02.2017, 05:21

Hey folks,
I create a new skeleton rig in Blender (I know most of you using 3DS but I just want to share my blender file so that everybody could use it completely free). It has all bones except the fcl. You can use it with your own character design and is made for using the standard SDK Animations which comes with Cryengine. I have one last issue and its about the physic proxy, its the last step I have to finish. I have created the proxy and all settings I know (ragdoll limits, damping, spring tension etc.) but the proxy doesnt work corectly. If there is someone out there who could help me with this last step, than we have an completely ready skeleton rig . I create the rig for CE 3 but as far as I know CE V has the same skeleton rig. In CE 3 I could use it without any warnings or errors, only proxy issue.
If anybody want to try it here is the blender file. You just have to do what collin shows you in his old tutorial (for example export skeleton rig and implement in character tool list and change player lua etc). On the Bcry 5 Exporter Site you will find tuts for skeleton and simple mesh export ( ... exporting/). Put both togehter in character tool and it works.
I appreciate every feedback and hope it helps.

Best Regards
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