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Recruitment: Programmers/Animators for Horror Survival Game

Looking for a developer to join your team, or want a place to advertise your skills? Look no further!


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Recruitment: Programmers/Animators for Horror Survival Game

Postby dinoboy123 » 25.10.2015, 19:18

About Us: Hey guys, I'm Andrew. I'm currently a part time developer from northeastern Massachusetts. I have a huge passion for the outdoors and horror movies. My overall goal is to commercially release a game through steam that reflects these passions. I have put about 2 years into development of the game so far. I consider myself very competent in 3d modeling and texturing and have generated all vegetation, buildings, weapons, and texture assets seen in my indie db videos.

My good friend Will is an audio engineer with a wide array of professional recording equipment. The music heard in the trailer (see link below) is a quick ambience piece he made for the game.

About the Project: I originally started off modding for the ARMA engine and am heavily inspired by the large map, survival style of DayZ. Navigating through the immersive wilderness is going to be a large aspect of survival in this game. The map size is 4kmx4km and is based on the rural isolated regions of Maine during October.

Plot overview: "The small, isolated town of Cull, Maine has become a living hell for a small group of survivors. An ancient evil has returned and wrecked havoc and destruction. Surrounded by hundreds of miles of mountains and forests, no one knows how far the devastation has spread and if anyone is coming to save them. With weaning hours of daylight as cold Fall weather sets in, chances of living drop each day."

Survivors enter into this eery small town surrounded by acres of forest and mountains, facing possessed reanimated townfolk who constantly track and follow the survivors. Players will have to work quickly to gather supplies, weapons, and a safe place to defend. As night approaches the possessed will be able to outpace the survivors and see them through the dark. The possessed townfolk can be temporarily taken down with projectile weapons, but will get back up if not finished off by "bodily dismemberment". Players will have to choose between permanently killing the possessed or continuing to move to escape danger. Abandoning your friends who are too sick and injured may save yourself. The constant threat of having these deadly reanimations pursue survivors will keep players constantly in fear and looking for ways to stay alive.

Current Project Progress: After about a year and half of taking pictures, 2d artwork, 3d modeling, and optimizing I have 95% of the vegetation and forest design complete. I am currently working on making buildings and designing the small town and roadwork for the level. I have created a basic main menu with working start buttons. I also have models for deer and characters rigged. I am currently waiting for the newest cryblend update which will support animations and chr, cdf exports.

Current Position Needed:

Programmer for Gameplay (Ai, Inventory, Changing Time/Weather, Health, Food, Thirst,): Looking for someone who can script enemy ai to track and attack players; animals and wildlife ai; Create an inventory system; have a basic HUD that tracks a variety of player statuses.

Character Export/Animation: I am capable helping design the models. However I need someone with a COMMERCIAL 3ds Max license to export models. For simplicity I intend to use the default Cryengine Skeleton in order to use the Animation Library. However custom animations will also be needed.

Programmer for Multiplayer: Looking for someone who is capable of enabling multiplayer features for this game and has an understanding of using a peer to peer or client-server model to allow up to 30 people to play.

The Showcase:

Compensation: This project really is a labor of love for me, so hopefully I can find others out there with the same passion for horror survival games. That being said, I am absolutely releasing this game commercially, ideally through the steam platform. If we are able to find people for the team and they put in useful work to the game they will absolutely get a percentage of the sales revenue.

Contact information:

I also check crydev daily so feel free to message me about anything. After that I'd like to do a skype meetup with all members and then create if things get far enough, I'll start teamspeak where we can all drop in and report progress or just chat while working.

Thanks for any interest at all guys, feel free to contact me even if you're just curious or dropping a comment