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(PAID) Freelance Character Designer

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Just getting started
Just getting started
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(PAID) Freelance Character Designer

Postby sonnytono » 28.10.2015, 22:14

Hello, I am an indie programmer trying to use the cryengine for its VR support to tell a story, kind of like the old machinima movement but in VR. Being a teaser-like production I want to outsource the creation of the assets that get the most "screen time." Specifically beginning with a main character but if the results are satisfactory we could arrange for other characters and/or assets.

NEED: A model of a man wearing a business suit (white shirt, black tie). I will provide pictures for the facial model. It should be rigged and skinned (body, face and hands), preferably with deformation gizmos for shoulders and arms and ready to export to Cryengine 3.8.5 and MotionBuilder 2016.

PAY: Hourly (aprox. 20-30 Euros) or daily (aprox. 130-150), to decide after I see some portfolio.