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(LFW) AAA Character / Environment / Asset Artist

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Just getting started
Just getting started
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(LFW) AAA Character / Environment / Asset Artist

Postby smiljan77 » 06.11.2015, 01:14

Hi im a rpofessional 3D Artist with lots fo experience in character , environment and asset creation,
I been working withh AAA companies like Heavy Gear Assault , Identity , and Avalon Lords , and many many indie clients in my career.

Im looking for freelance or fulltime remote work .

Im not interested in royalites , % or payment after game releases.

I charge per hour , i used to have skype meetings each day , and wherever the Company needs me to do.

I work in 3ds Max , Zbrush and tons of other sofwtares as xnormal , ddo and i know well PBR methods.

in this many many years of working in 3d i haveunderstanding at the rigth procedures of making textures , pbr textures , modeling , topology , asset creation and many others.

If you want to contact me you can do it by skype wich is....infinite.render

or my webpage

http:.........// ( put the http just beside the // and you will be able to open)

Here are few samples of my work as i been in the 3d creative magazine 3 times with 2 times with low poly characters , i have tons of work in my webpage and all that work is the process of learning in my career so all those has not the same quality but is important for me.


my web sci fi.jpg
Paintbal final final compress.jpg