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Level Designer for work

Looking for a developer to join your team, or want a place to advertise your skills? Look no further!


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Intern Dev
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Level Designer for work

Postby PERFECTxSCOPES » 06.01.2016, 04:48

I am a Level Designer and have knowledge and experience in Level Design, working with UE4 and CryEngine 3.
I am looking for anyone willing to hire me to create Levels for their projects. (Paid or Unpaid).

Please check out my Portfolio at:

For any Questions please PM me directly, or email me at:

Thank you.


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Just getting started
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Re: Level Designer for work

Postby rdograndy » 18.01.2016, 08:33

I would love to hire you Alex :) I can pay $45 on the 14th of every month that you work. I've been looking for secondary designer while my main guy is away. He is a musician so his tours take priority. Check out our fb page: kaspers shade. And let me know if you're interested