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[PAID] GymCraft is hireing! - Main Menue Programming & UI

Looking for a developer to join your team, or want a place to advertise your skills? Look no further!


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Just getting started
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[PAID] GymCraft is hireing! - Main Menue Programming & UI

Postby rtgrav » 11.01.2016, 15:18

Hi everyone,
we are looking for someone who can help on ALL steps of making a main menue and HUD´s in CE!

Job Description
We are looking for a freelancer or possible contractor to permanently join our VR dev team. On site or remote -however if it fit´s we always will find a solution. The main focus will be the creation of the main menue, ingame HUD´s and game elements for the CryEngine. As creative mind you are welcome to get involved creating the look and feel of the game.
With a strong sense of aesthetics you will create the design and implement the design yourself into the engine.

With direct communication and flat hierarchy you have the opportunity to work with interdisciplinary departments an to get involved in thrilling new adventures. As our games are optimized for VR you will enjoy an experimental approach between man and machine.

The team is international and the company language must be english. The headquarter is in Spain, Malaga and you are always welcome to work on site (with 300 days of sun/year). Riders welcome ;)

Skills & Requirements
The game developed uses the CryEngine.
The menues and HUD´s need not only to be designed, but to implemented by you aswell.
Experience with the CryEngine is welcome.

Adobe Flash + AS2 ( in order to create CryEngine menues )
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
Autodesk Scaleform


3D Studio Max

Additional Information

Working remotely is an option
Relocation assistance is offered

How to Apply
Apply at:

Please make sure to send us a link, zip or whatever of your work aswell as a short CV.

About the Company
Gymcraft is a sports-tech company, innovatively combining the mediums of fitness and gaming to build the sports virtual experience of the future. Gymcraft’s fitness-games are experienced through monitor or in full immersion VR-goggles, while using any normal fitness machines. Gymcraft pushes the boundaries of virtual reality standards, providing users with a real-time, interactive, fitness experience, while performing their favorites sporting activities.
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Just getting started
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Re: [PAID] GymCraft is hireing! - Main Menue Programming &

Postby tuffant21 » 14.01.2016, 03:46

Sounds great, looking forward to applying!

Quick question, will this position be full time or part time?