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Music Composer looking for work.

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Just getting started
Just getting started
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Music Composer looking for work.

Postby Shane_Valentine » 04.02.2016, 20:38

Just another music composer trying to survive in this world. Oh ! Call me Shane, by the way ~

I am mainly looking for Paid works.
Only accepting Royalties based projects if they are about to be finalized in the coming weeks/months (Too bad memories with them, sorry.)

My main influences : Trent Reznor, Christopher Drake, Frank Klepacki, Chris Vrenna, Charlie Clouser for examples.

Current work(s) in progress :

- Sword Arena (PC)

Achieved work(s) :

- Overdosed : A Trip to Hell (PC / Steam)

Work Sample(s) :

Revolt! : ... ine-revolt

The Viper : ... -the-viper

Hostile TakeOver : ... track-loop

The Lower City : ... lower-city

High Tension :

Let's Take A Break : ... ets-take-a

Oppression : ... oppression

Light Hearted Hero : ... arted-hero

The Fearless : ... e-fearless

Contact me to discuss your needs, my rates, etc... :)

Email :

Best Regards,