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Looking for programmer - Call of R'lyeh project

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Looking for programmer - Call of R'lyeh project

Postby GreenShadedThing » 14.02.2016, 12:01


I'm looking for a coder to help me finish my personal project Call of R'lyeh.


Game is a simple walking simulator. Players will wake up in a dream on a desolated island and they will be trapped there until they find all ten artifacts hidden there. When any of the artifacts is found, audio track linked to it plays part of the story. When they find the 10th artifact but they missed one or more of the first 9 of them, the game/dream restarts from beginning.

Game graphics/world/effects are finished, but there are few things I'm not able to do by myself and these are tasks that will be responsibilities of programmer:

- implement game logic - when player finds artifact he should activate "audio log" by pressing (for instance) E key.
- when player finds all artifacts, game ends. When he misses some, game restarts

- implement main menu (graphics are ready) - make functional main menu with four buttons.
- help with wwise audio implementation
-pack the game properly and prepare it for release

Im not able to pay upfront but what im offering is to share from what game earns on Steam when it's released, which may or may not be much. This topic is fully open to discussion with any interested candidate. Bottom line: it's free help until game earns something. It's risky for both sides, I know, but speaking for myself, I'm not going to destroy my reputation on these forums and as a developer by cheating someone.

I'm looking forward for any response.
Thank you.
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Re: Looking for programmer - Call of R'lyeh project

Postby ochounos » 14.02.2016, 12:13

I would like to help you. Sent PM.
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