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Looking for a Environment Lead Artist

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Looking for a Environment Lead Artist

Postby batigol » 18.02.2016, 11:54

Rolling Ant ( ) is announcing an opening for Senior Real-time Architectural Visualizer. We look for talented and ambitious artist to work on our projects. Are you ready to have fun in Vietnam?
• Creation of Architectural Visualization’s environments and assets: Architecture, Vegetation, Vehicles, Various props.
• Exporting assets into CryEngine according to technical requirements.
• Junior and regular Artists mentoring.
• Working in collaboration with Art Director to maintain art consistency.
• Maintaining quality standards and staying on schedule.
• Managing and visualizing from small to large-scale scenes.
• Project Management.
• Passion for creating Architectural Visualization.
• Strong skills in 3DS Max, Photoshop.
• Strong background in architectural design and multimedia.
• Deep understanding of PBR shading principles.
• Master the art pipeline of CryEngine.
• Ability to communicate well in English. Vietnamese is also awesome.
• Team-work skills.
• Knowing rendering software is a plus.
• Willing to relocate to Hochiminh City, Vietnam.
Preferred Skills and Experience:
• 5+ years in real-time graphic/ game development/architectural visualization as a 3D Artist and Environment Artist.
• Speaking Vietnamese to enjoy night life of Saigon.
We offer
• Competitive salary level;
• Good working conditions;
• Medical insurance;
• Travel to some beautiful beaches;
If you are interested in this vacancy - please send us your CV and your portfolio in JPEG format to the address: