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Music Composer. Ready for work to start. Now!

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Just getting started
Just getting started
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Music Composer. Ready for work to start. Now!

Postby 9otchi » 29.02.2016, 19:27

Hi, I'm Gotchi, a freelance musician and composer.

If you're planning to acquire some exclusive music which would fit to your project perfectly, then I can help you!

I create music in diverse styles and genres. My portfolio includes a bunch of works for various film/multimedia/game projects. Check it out!

The way I work with clients is ultimately transparent:
- My priority is to focus on result and stick to deadlines.
- I always pay great respect to your needs and vision of the project.
- I am completely open to discussion.
- You will regularly receive work progress reports.
- I have flexible pricing options adaptable to any budget and project's scope.
- I am honest and fair.

If that is what you are looking for, then contact me via e-mail:

Please do not post requests in this thread. Instead, use the email above