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[Revenue Share] Animation/AI of Characters for Horror Game

Looking for a developer to join your team, or want a place to advertise your skills? Look no further!


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Intern Dev
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[Revenue Share] Animation/AI of Characters for Horror Game

Postby dinoboy123 » 24.07.2016, 07:27

About Us: Hey guys, I'm Andrew. I'm currently a part time developer from northeastern Massachusetts. I have a huge passion for the outdoors and horror movies. My overall goal is to commercially release a game through steam that reflects these passions. I am the design lead for the team, and we also have an experienced voice actor and an audio engineer on board.

I'm currently handling all the 3D Modeling, 2D artwork, and rigging for the game at the moment, and really looking for someone to join the team who can help with Character Development. I can help with the basic setup (modeling characters and rigging them) but I definitely lack experience with making my own Animations and creating AI.
Our big project goal is to have a Kickstarter ready by July 1st, 2017, and use those funds to help all team members with the final development of the game.

After that we intend to be Greenlit on Steam and continue to support the game for a potential multiplayer release!

Feel free to check out our current progress and first character in-game on our IndieDB page!

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Just getting started
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Re: [Revenue Share] Animation/AI of Characters for Horror Ga

Postby TheEmber » 24.07.2016, 11:28

I have sent you a pm.