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Gaming Community looking for Development Team

Looking for a developer to join your team, or want a place to advertise your skills? Look no further!


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Just getting started
Just getting started
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Gaming Community looking for Development Team

Postby RodneyMcKay » 06.10.2016, 11:05

What is this about?
I am a project manager in a large, fast groing, german community with about 16.000 Members, 40 Twitch Streamers, some Youtubers.
Right now, we are one of the largest ArmA 3 community in the german speaking area.

We would like to create a cryengine development team to develop new games for the community.

What do we want?
We are always looking for new games to offer to the community.
Maybe we can also develop an outstanding game covering RPG features.
The game shall be like Miscreated, DayZ, ArmA 3 Reallife.
An open world roleplay in the presence or past with reallife features in mind.

- Characters (male and Female, maybe children)
- Factions (Cops, Medics, Justice, Fire-Department, Terrorists)
- Housing (Buyable, rentable, chest features)
- Drivable Vehicles (Civilian, Cops, Rescue, with trunks for storage, Physics) with garage for storing, spawning
- Weapons and Armory with ballistic physics
- Markets & Companies like Vendors, Dealers, Shares, ATM Maschines
- Underground Travel
- City Map, Skyscrapers, open World, Roads, Traffic lights
- Uniforms for factions
- Multiple Spawn locations
- Backpacks, Chests
- Damage and Death systems
- Medical System
- Modern Buildings
- Weather
- Day & Knight
- Quest System

What do we pay?
We try to find some sponsors to finance the development.
Another idea is to release the game on Steam / Early Access and give a revenue share to the developers.

The game will be supported with donations by the players. All ingame generated money will stay within the community for expenses.
Within the community, no one gets paid, only licence costs, assets etc. would be paid by the community.

What do we need?
So, if your willing to join a development team to build up a new game you are very welcome to apply.

We are looking for:
- Achitects
- Game Developers
- Map Development
- Asset Development

Does this make any sense?
I know that answers like "No Pay, no work" and "why should someone do this?" will arise, but we are already running a team of about 90 members and no one gets paid, and i mean no one, not even me or any other project manager. As soon as we generate revenues on Steam, the developers get paid.

What we already have
We are financing the community with donations.
We are running ArmA 3, Minecraft, ARK, Rust, RoK and Farming Simulator Servers and we spend about 1K each month for servers and licences. All donations are reinvested into the community.

Rodney McKay
Ultime Gaming Community