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[Paid] Programmer Support for AI Behaviour and/or HUD Issues

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[Paid] Programmer Support for AI Behaviour and/or HUD Issues

Postby dinoboy123 » 19.10.2016, 18:37

About Us: Hey guys, I'm Andrew. I'm currently a part time developer from northeastern Massachusetts. I have a huge passion for the outdoors and horror movies. My overall goal is to commercially release a game through steam that reflects these passions. I have put about 2 years into development of the game so far.

AI Issues:

We are at the point where we have our unique AI characters working game with our custom animations. Their AI is currently driven by a modified Behaviour Tree Script that simply tells them to run and melee-attack the player when the player enters their field of view.

Please see this post I made recently describing one issue we are seeking support on with having AI chase players regardless of whether the Player draws attention or not. It also has the Code I'm using in the behaviour tree script.

We would like for the AI to seamlessly transition from chasing to attacking, currently they will often chase the player and bump into them for several seconds rather than switching to attack when they are in range. This issue only seems to occur when they are chasing the player at full sprint (See Related Posted)

HUD Issues:

At the moment the only Experience I have is with creating a very basic Start Menu, so this is something I have no real clue how to start. I really want the player to lose vision and start to hallucinate if they go long periods of time without Sleep or Drugs To Keep them awake. What I'm looking for is a HUD that will continue to get darker and blurry around the corners of the screen unless player gets rest/drugs. If possible, creepy animations would also dart across the Players HUD which will further disorient him.

Most people I've worked with recently seem to prefer Contract, so feel free to contact me with negotiating price. If anyone is interested in becoming a full fledged team member (Only benefits would be Revenue and Funding from a potential Kickstarter), that would also be great!

Feel free to contact me with any other questions, Thank you!


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