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Paid Project for Developer

Looking for a developer to join your team, or want a place to advertise your skills? Look no further!


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Just getting started
Just getting started
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Paid Project for Developer

Postby JMBauer74 » 25.10.2016, 10:54

Hey there. I read over the layout for posting, and hopefully I can hit everything that is expected. :-)

About Us: Currently I run a faith-based ministry and have done a lot of projects with marketing, journalism, and web development, but I'm always expanding out to other area. Our main focus internally is to find people with skills and talent, then help them to advance by providing them with the resources they need to accomplish tasks they can share. Currently, we are even moving into the Roku platform, and we do a lot of neat stuff. We have a "soft approach" where we try to look at things from all angles and not alienate people who may think differently. In short, we focus more on common ground in order to draw people in and keep them from becoming defensive, but we also stick to what we believe. Right now, I'm looking to expand out into gaming, because it's something I do on the side as a hobbyist. The project doesn't necessarily have to be faith-based and/or religious, but I personally would like to bring something to the gaming community that helps people to look at gaming in a different light.

About the Project: The current idea is to incorporate problem solving into a game. In most RPG type games, you go kill the dragon, and you save the princess. You see the same throughout in side quests. You kill the troll to get the magic shield or sword, and so on throughout the game. But what if the dragon or troll didn't need to be killed after all? What if there was another way, or even multiple ways to deal with it? It doesn't mean that it has to be void of violence, but that doesn't necessarily mean that's how it has to play out all the time either. I think these type of games work well, because people can connect with them on a personal level and it's not the same old thing you see released daily. I think one of the games that did something similar is "Undertale." You could fight the enemies, but you didn't have to. Of course, this would be considerably different, but still the same idea of deciding how to deal with the conflict.

Current Project Progress: Right now I'm just trying to find the right people to partner with. I'm also looking at the various gaming engine, costs, and resources needed. I'm also looking for people who can build on an idea and offer feedback. One thing I always try to do is value the opinion of the people I'm working with, because there are times they got something down better than me, but I also know how to jump in and take the lead when those time arrives. The reason I'm thinking CRYENGINE is because it seems like the games come out nice and they don't look like some cheap pixel game. It doesn't have to be this, but it can be. Also, I would primarily want to target the Steam platform, but cross-platform is good too as an option, but isn't necessary for this project.

Current Position(s): Right now I definitely need a developer who can help lead this project. Also, I will likely add other people and resources as the project progress. I do pay people and I have a good history with hiring freelancers and even doing freelance work myself. I'm also open to hiring students or someone who needs to add something legit to their portfolio. Beyond this project, I would also like someone who can keep us heading in the right direction with updates or future projects, should the initial run work out well. I also have no problem sharing credit or any profits it would make. It's really not a money thing. It's more about delivering a quality product that serves a purpose. With that being said, I fund our projects out of pocket, so I try to keep that in mind when people apply for positions, but I do believe people should be taken care of when they share their time.

The Showcase: I don't really have anything to showcase at this time that would impress anybody. :-) I can share current projects with anybody who is interested in this position. We have a number of things we do in general that are designed for very young children through seniors. Plus, I have worked with people as young as 17 to people in their sixties. I can always update this later if I need to.

Contact Info:

You can contact me at either of these e-mail addresses: (Personal)

Also feel free to post here and I'll check back. Suggestions and feedback are also welcome.

If you would like to work on this project or are thinking about it, please answer these questions:

What is your background in game development?
How do you feel about working with a faith-based ministry?
If the project works out well in its initial run, would a long-term partnership be something that you would be open to?
Have you completed any successful projects in the past that you would like to share.