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I Need a Team

Looking for a developer to join your team, or want a place to advertise your skills? Look no further!


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Just getting started
Just getting started
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I Need a Team

Postby Negans » 20.01.2017, 22:02


Project Title:
The Last of World

The player begins the game at the edge of a randomly point of map. Their goal is to survive , while contending with nefarious traps , mysterious "zombies" and other players.

What i expect to include:
Tense atmosphere.
Unique non-combative multi-player.
First person view point.
Third person view poing

Previous Work:
N/A - first title.

Talent Required:
3D Artist (1)
Ability to export to FBX format.
Experience with CryEngine toolset a bonus.
Expected to create additional props & hard surfaces for use in maze generation.

3D Character Artist (2)
Experience with Maya/Blender required.
Experience with CryEngine toolset a bonus.
Expected to create, rig and animate player, npcs & monsters.

CEO (3)
CEO Of Project , General Knowledge.

UI/UX Designer (4)
UI/UX designer specialized in the creation of 2D arts that are required for inventory, main menu etc

Level Designer (World Builder) (5)
Experienced with CryEngine (terrain tool, foliage tool). No modeling skills required!
Optional: Sequencer experience for trailers, videos.
Optional: Interest in taking care of Community as Community Manager.
At least 5 hours per week available to work and chat via Skype , since its royalty.

Programmer (6)
Experience with C++ and CryEngine toolset required
Experience with CryEngine behavior trees (AI) a bonus
Expected to collaborate with other programmers to streamline and improve existing codebase
Expected to collaborate with designers to prototype gameplay features
Expected to write clean commented code that meets feature requirements